A new Apprenticeship Support Summer Roadshow has key venues being made available by Halton Borough Council’s Leisure Services Division.

The Apprenticeship Support by Be More Team and Halton Borough Council’s Leisure Service division have come together to create a Summer Roadshow. The Leisure Services Division is new and is delivering a suite of activities for the community across a range of venues. Teaming up with Apprenticeship Support brings a unique opportunity to reach residents from across the Liverpool City Region who are using the Councils leisure facilities. These include leisure centres; community centres; The Brindley Theatre and libraries.

Francis Edwards, Leisure Centres Manager, has been working closely with Anthony Hamer to build a range of opportunities for the Apprenticeship Support by Be More team to engage with residents at leisure sites over the summer months. “We see over half a million people (pre-Covid customer visit data) come through our leisure centre doors and many more in our community centres, libraries and theatre. This summer provides a great opportunity for the Apprenticeship Support by Be More team to meet residents who may want to know more about how apprenticeships have changed. Fresh thinking has created our new Leisure Services Division and this complements the fresh thinking around apprenticeships, a great career route for all ages into a wide variety of professions.  The Summer Roadshow is designed to maximise convenience for residents, providing free impartial advice and information from skills brokers, whilst enjoying the leisure facilities we provide.” explains Francis.

Francis and Anthony are looking at a number of opportunities for the Apprenticeship Support by Be More team to be at outreach programme events too. The summer is packed with fun activity sessions, for all ages, at venues across the borough, for further information visit www.halton.gov.uk

“We are very excited to be delivering the Summer Roadshow with Halton Borough Council’s Leisure Services Division. It brings fresh innovative thinking to reaching a wide range of people. It will help spread the word about how today’s modern apprenticeships are very different from the traditional perceptions of apprenticeships in the past,” said Anthony.

If you would like further information on apprenticeships and how to apply for them, talk to the Apprenticeship Support by Be More Team. The team is funded by the European Social Fund & LCR Strategic Investment Fund and provides impartial information and advice on apprenticeships across the Liverpool City Region.