This year, on results day, you may need to think about your career when you find out how well you did in your exams. The Apprenticeship Support Team by Be More are on hand to assist.

On results day you may have the results you were expecting and your career choices mapped out in front of you. However, for many people they do not get the results they were expecting. Some get much better results and others find they haven’t performed as they hoped. Career plans can change suddenly and the traditional route of heading to University might not be appropriate. Whether you have been hugely successful or slightly missed the mark, Apprenticeships and degree apprenticeships should be explored in a little more detail. This Summer, Apprenticeship Support by Be More could be at your school on results day to provide the apprenticeship information you need to kick start your career.

The Apprenticeship Support by Be More Team provide a host of free support to help find and apply for apprenticeships across the Liverpool City Region. Whether a job offer has not materialised, you’ve changed your mind about going to University, or you have questions about the apprenticeship your about to commence in the next few weeks, the team is available to help. Degree Apprenticeships provide a helpful, less traditional route into University building a unique and powerful combination of work experience and formal university qualifications. They are also paid for by the employer, so forget student loans.

“We advise many year 11 and year 13 school leavers throughout the Summer as they begin to take their first steps into a career. We want that to be the right steps that are the most successful for them. We also hear of students who have needed impartial advice outside of school term times and have not realised that we are open all Summer long and can help them. The support is free too, so we are keen to be at as many results days as possible,” says Anthony Hamer, Apprenticeship Support Skills Broker.

The Apprenticeship Support Team are skilled at providing free impartial advice and information on apprenticeships across the Liverpool City Region. They are able to discuss career options and choices with students exploring their interests and career options. Once a career choice has been made, the Apprenticeship Support Team can help identify apprenticeship vacancies that are live currently and keep students informed of vacancies and opportunities in the future.

Also, once an apprenticeship vacancy has been identified, the Apprenticeship Support Team are able to provide a greater understanding of the apprenticeship and helpful advice on how to apply. This includes help with the application and a wealth of information, tips and techniques to enhance your chances of success in getting an apprenticeship.

Getting exam results is always exciting whether they are what you expected or not. Apprenticeship Support by Be More are there with you should you simply need a quick confidence boost, a second opinion or you’ve just had a change of heart.

If you would like further information on apprenticeships and how to apply for them, talk to the Apprenticeship Support by Be More Team. The team is funded by the European Social Fund & LCR Strategic Investment Fund and provides impartial information and advice on apprenticeships across the Liverpool City Region.